The Hardy Matchmaker rods 1971-81

With glass fibre rods enjoying a resurgence in popularity, there is never a better time to get your hands on one. If you are interested, then buy the best.

The Hardy Matchmaker rods produced between 1971 and 1981 have a pedigree second to none.

With the great names of the era: Richard Walker, Fred J Taylor, Fred Buller and others heading up the design consultancy team it’s of no surprise they produced a winner. In fact, most of the rods in the glass fibre stable of this period have already reached almost iconic status. The Fred J Taylor Trotter, Richard Walker Mk4 Carp, Avon, Swing Tip, Swim Feeder, Buller Pike and so on!

Initially produced in 12’ and 13’ models, a 14’ followed shortly after, these are more difficult to find now.

Getting your hands on a mint condition rod is a bit of a task as most people bought them to use.

The one shown here is as nice an example as you will find, short of a brand new old stock rod.

Crisp orange whipping, unmarked ferrule joints, clean cork handle and crisp alloy fittings and importantly, it’s not been messed with!

Described in the 1972 catalogue “as a real breakthrough in float fishing rods” using “special high-density fast taper blank

These 70’s rods are surprisingly light by modern standards and a little more relaxed in the action compared to carbons. They are a joy to use and bring memories of times past flooding back, including getting your floats stuck in a tree.

Surprisingly for Hardy, the reels they recommend using are Garcia Mitchell 408, 410, Mitchell Match and 330, all of course on the Thomas Turner website so you can buy the ultimate pair.

Happy fishing!