The George F Ball Free Flo spinning reel for trigger happy anglers.

George F Ball free Flo spinning reel

The Wyatt Erp of casting reels, this unusual vintage George F Ball Free Flo spinning reel is not easy to find these days for collectors.

It’s no surprise this reel was sourced from the Wolverhampton area, having not travelled far in its life.

George F Ball free Flo spinning reel

GF Ball of Wolverhampton, England produced these reels c 1950/60 era, the unusual feature is the trigger-operated bail arm assembly.

I have seen them in gold, silver and green finish, only two have been boxed.

The centre of the bail arms has an O ring line guide, the idea being as you cast and pull the trigger the line releases, when the trigger is released the bail folds shut into normal operating condition.

George F Ball free Flo spinning reel

It’s similar is operation to the Mitchel Match with less moving parts.

A ratchet on/off dial button sits to the rear of the gear casing and it still works fine if a bit sticky on the bail catch on occasions which is common for this model.

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