Hardy The Compleat Angler presentation set

Probably one of the nicest of all boxed sets is this Hardy “The Compleat Angler”, which would put a smile on any fly anglers face. This boxed set was bought c 2005 and never fished. The outer card box is a pictorial joy and the contents a dream. A Hardy 7 piece 8’ Smuggler rod and its fabulous quality leather tube start the contents list.
This is coupled with the Hardy Golden Prince #5/6 reel and spare spool, all lined up ready to fish, with a matching leather fly wallet which gives the finishing traditional touch to this outfit.

Most of these were bought as gifts I suppose; most I have seen remain unused as the owners just like to display the set for others to enjoy and why not.

It’s almost a shame to fish it, but that’s what it’s for, or is it?

Hardy are the masters of marketing, with special editions and replica relaunches of their own tackle from years gone by. Some Limited Edition sets go up in value as soon as sold out, some stagnate, others drop then slowly increase in value as time goes by.

Whatever the thinking behind it, we have this one for sale, but part of me hopes it doesn’t sell too soon as it looks great in my tackle cabinet, even only for a short while.

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