Vintage spinning & threadline reel collection just arrived

A great find this week, a collection of vintage spinning and Threadline reels with some weird and rare models.

Mainly UK models, it’s a great selection in one buy:

  • Virtually every pattern of Allcock’s Felton Cross Wind reel including the rare Junior model
  • An Augermatic green hammer finish reel with lever casting
  • 3 x George Ball Free Flow reels with trigger line release
  • Illingworth No3
  • Italian made Holliday 30 torpedo reel
  • A Patent twisting foot wood tournament reel
  • Allcock’s Duplex reels
  • Allcock’s SuperB reels
  • Howban twin handle reel with cone spool
  • Various helical casting reels and oil bottle
  • Fraser Kilian Neo caster multiplier reels
  • other bait casters.

So, if like this chap, you want a great value buy-in price with no hassle, delays or commission rates, call us to sell your collection today on 07548-871985 or email