Hardy Featherweight Multiplier fly reel 1973-77

Modern classic Hardy reels in the vintage 25 year plus category can be valuable already.

Take the little known and little seen Hardy Featherweight Multiplier reel.

Produced from 1973-77, only they just don’t appear.

It’s almost madness to have a tiny multiplier reel with gearing to fast wind retrieve very little line on a brook or small river, that said Hardy produced it anyway.

The winding plate hub is almost as large as the reel cage, any smaller of course and you can’t wind it at all. That said, it’s cute and fishable.

The one shown here is a Thomas Turner stock reel and has the original owner’s silk line still fitted. Really nice to fish silk as these lines fly better and are easier to cast than modern plastic lines over short distances.

The interest in the Hardy Lightweight series is generally high with any of the oddball variants including multiplier and silent check models remaining strong as do the prices.