Another 90 reel collection for Thomas Turner

Yes, we’ve done it again.

This time it’s a collection of 90 plus antique reels that have come our way by recommendation of a previous client.

The hard bit is done, now your job is to spot the rarest of all these rare reels here so have a browse around the image. It’s not the obvious 8” Hardy Fortuna with harness lugs. It’s not the Hardy Saltwater big game rod or the Vom Hofe rod either.

It’s not the rare Hardy Zane Grey brass grease gun, nor the Malloch Multi-Mode side casting multiplier reel.

You’re wrong if you choose or the rare Forrest of Kelson Malloch variant, now that’s a surprise!

Not many left now, not the Illingworth No1, the No3, or the alloy Chippindale multiplier with wooden spool, and that IS rare.

Still not got it? Well, look at the brass winches at the bottom right. Look really close.

It’s not the collar winch, not the spike winch and this leaves a couple of brass winches.

Look really, really close and you will find a Ustonson Maker to the Queen, 48 Bell Yard, Temple Bar, 2” brass multiplier reel in lovely condition.

Now that is rare! Look for these all online shortly and treat yourself.

If you have a similar smaller or larger collection, get in touch and let’s talk tackle. Call 07548 871985 or email