Unusual brass free spool multiplier reel

This is a super modified brass fly reel with two very special features. The standard crank handle has been removed and replaced with pair of sun and planet external gears fitted with drive handle plate.

What is really neat is that the small steel flat lever to the underside of the large gear gives a free spool facility. By moving the lever it disengages the large wheel from the small wheel and reengages with the lever moved back, the reel has geared or multiplier action.

I can’t attribute the reel features to any particular Patent but it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into this reel. It probably originally dates c. 1900 period and with the patina age similar on all the parts it looks like it was converted or changed around its original production date.

I like it a lot and for the collectors of the non-standard or quirky reels this is a must have.

It’s difficult to value but I’m happy to offer for sale in the £150 bracket just as an interesting one off piece of angling engineering history. Click here to buy it.