Hardy The Match Fishers Reel 1936-9

This is probably one of the rarest little-known reels of the Hardy stable.

Launched in 1936 the sales records show only 4 sold that year; 1937 was better with 80 sales, and 193 in 1938, but in 1939 it was killed off.

A very low volume coarse fishing reel for the collector.

It came in one size only, 3-1/4” diameter.

Ultra-shallow alloy drum for coarse fishing, a twisting foot to cast and twin handles to retrieve, plus a nickel line guide that’s had to be used manually.

Most Hardy and coarse reel collectors will never find one of these privately. They are easily broken, often the line pick up is missing and can’t say I’ve ever seen a maker’s box. It would be great if someone has a box – please send in a pic!

Indeed the reel wasn’t even illustrated in the 1936/7 catalogue so Hardy clearly didn’t give it the usual fanfare launch. To be fair they were still known as mainly game angling suppliers with little effort towards the coarse angler, but that was about to change when the iconic Hardy Altex hit the market shortly after this one was withdrawn from sale.

Value, £500-1000 depending on the condition of the reel, we have one in stock at time of writing.

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