Antique fishing tackle fly fishing accessories collection

How refreshing when you take a call from a gadget collector who has decided to trade in some of his fly fishing accessories.

The majority of the worldwide collecting market is made up of reel collectors, however the fly accessory market is massive.

Here is just part of one of the collection we have taken in to resell.

A varied selection of mainly fly based tackle including:

  • Hardy nickel plate salmon weigh scales
  • Hardy Album and Girodon fly boxes
  • A tiny little Malloch’s Patent pocket wet fly box
  • Various Hardy and Forrest early card boxes with flies and gut cast envelopes
  • Victorian rose wood and bone float winder with floats
  • A few reels including a fabulous little Macleay of Inverness Hercules pattern dry fly reel, Hardy Sunbeam
  • Line driers, a great landing net collection and many other fine and rare accessories to enhance any collection.

Remember, you can sell to or trade with us at Thomas Turner. Call me, John on 07548 871985 or email to discuss your next trade or sale.