The Hardy Super Silex Multiplier reel 1930-39

Launched in 1930, it was planned to be an improved version of the older and successful The Silex multiplier reel. Claims of improved use and faster retrieve set the stall for a good selling reel.

Sadly this didn’t go to plan and the sales actually slowed, with production ending in 1938/9 period. The sizes ranged from 3-1/4” diameter to 3-1/2” and then a 3-1/2” Wide drum, which is shown here.

The drawback of having to manually engage the drive system after a cast didn’t bode well with anglers and it may have contributed to the slow sales.

The complex inner workings of a Super Silex Multiplier is an engineering feat only surpassed by clockmakers.

Additionally as a looker on the shelf these take a bit of beating as so many components parts make up the whole.

All this is good for the collector in rarity terms. Built 1930-9 it’s a relatively short production run with only 131 of the 3-1/2” Super Silex Multiplier reels made in total. An unknown number were Wide drum so they are rare find.

As to value? Anywhere from £500-1000 for a fine example.

They show no sign of doing anything other than continuing to increase in price over time and represent a good investment reel.

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