Birds, Bullets blanks and a Patent Kitchen

Once again we have been buying heavily this week but just take a look at this unusual lot.

Firstly, a collection of Hardy Palakona Big game cane blanks with reams of Hardy paperwork supporting the purchase. A fascinating read detailing requests for guides and ferrules or fittings.

The previous owner enjoyed building his own rods from Hardy stock. He created a good range of fly, spin, and big game rods to suit his family requirements. He often used replacement blank sections that he carried with him to repair a broken rod overnight, ready to fish the following day.

The unused Palakona sections here are marked Hardy Salt Water No5 for Felt fore grip and Pira Yuru rods, both rare models. 

The Kitchens Patent spinning reel dating from 1920 is very rare and fully working. A stunning and rare Abu Ambassadeur 6600 multiplier reel with red thumb bar. A Dam Germany 5” Bakelite and alloy trotting reel, early ebonite drum Allcock Aerial in its correct leather case, a large salmon leather fly wallet and a Victorian case of 4 stuffed birds. No ordinary case. In shocking condition but original and I sort of like it.

I just love the paper label SCREWED onto the backboard “SHOT by J Jordan 1890” with no description of the birds, location, the weapon used, just SHOT!

All of this collection will be listed on our website shortly.