Hardy Anti Midge bottle with original box c 1910

If there is one thing that’s a given, midges will always bite anglers. Gadget collectors worldwide love midge treatments and bottles.

This one here is by Hardy Bros of Alnwick, England and dates c 1910. It’s a friendly curved glass bottle to fit in the waistcoat so it’s always to hand.

Standing 3” tall with a decorative alloy and cork stopper, it’s a great looking accessory and functional too.

The box is interesting as it’s stamped “½ Postage price paid”. It is an early marketing attempt by Hardy to have fishermen buy more with the reduced postage charge. Here we are 100 years on and the same technique is used.

Although the bottle label is faded, it’s the original box that is rarer than the bottle. A great addition to any Hardy or gadget collection and expect to pay into 3 figures ££ for one.

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