Hardy The Fly Reel – a little known gem

These are probably one of the most underrated of Hardy post war collectors fly reels.

The Fly Reel came in narrow and wide drum sizes, dating late 1940s to 1950s, the wide drum here is the 3 3/4” diameter model as are all the other wide drums I have seen.

However lacking any catalogue reference images and material I guess this is it for size alternatives.

They have a black handle, oddly a smooth brass foot normally associated with earlier reels, telephone drum latch and single row of perforations around the spool face. Internally we have 2 heavy V springs and steel pawls and stamped JS (Jimmy Smith), who is normally associated with bright finish reels, which this one is.

The backplate is stamped “The Fly Reel” with Hardy Bros scroll logo of the late 50’s era.

Other than minor pitting on the rear rim it’s in good overall condition and a will be a welcome find for any collection. At the time of writing, this one is available here.

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