Allcock’s split shot & vest match tin

Probably one of the most interesting split shot tins I’ve seen.

This little Allcock’s Victorian tin in the form of a book is the property of Mike Walters, a collector friend we see at many tackle fairs.

I’ve only seen a few of these over the decades, measuring under 2” long, it’s hinged with a  ribbed spine and looks for all the world like a high-class leather-bound book should.

Great Allcock’s advertising with the famous Stag logo crest.

The page end has striker plate so it was possibly used for matches as well.

Split shot collecting is big news in the USA as well as Europe with many and varied shot tins to chase.

I think we should run a competition for the most unusual tin so why not send in your images for a bit of fun and we will feature the whacky ones.