Hardy Sea Silex reel 1914 -1959 with case

The Hardy Sea Silex reel has always been on the wanted list for both Silex and big game collectors. This set is unusual and rare in that the Hardy block leather case is rarer than the reel itself.

The reel is a genuine find, not cleaned, played with or altered and features the extended brass brake lever handle plus two other rim controls

It simply purrs when wound and without any cracks or repairs, it’s a good honest find.

But it’s the case that got me, Hardy Makers Alnwick stamped to the front of the base. Its obviously 100% correct for the reel which is a snug fit inside. I value the case at 60% plus of the piece of the whole outfit and a definite must have for any Hardy enthusiast

The Sea Silex was launched in 1914 and ceased production in 1959, this model dates c 1930’s.

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