Collecting vintage tackle on a budget

Can it be done? Yes!

Vintage fishing reels can sell for hundreds or even thousands of pounds, but can you collect on a budget? A small budget? A really small budget? Yes!

It’s a popular misconception that you need deep pockets to collect.

The image here shows a collection of vintage reels dating from the 1920s to 70s period, each of them costing under £30 each.

True, these are unlikely to rise to thousands of pounds in my lifetime, but that’s not the point.

Many people start collecting the tackle they couldn’t afford when young so that puts the collection bubble at approximately 50 years for most newbies.

A quality 506 or similar can be picked up sub £30, it can be fished, it’s always worth £30 and will increase in value as time goes by.

The little wood and brass Nottingham reel was under £20 and gives a glimpse into fishing nearly 100 years ago.

The Japan built Fuji reel (yes they made photographic gear) is actually quite rare and is a rising star as the Japanese buyers reclaim them.

The JW Young Ambidex series can be bought cheaply at present. They made a lot of them, the quality is amazing, they can be fished and used as well as collected, so what’s not to like?

The Walker Bampton alloy reel was a snip at £30, dating c. 1930’s it has got value/profit built in already.

Car boot sales, yard sales, tackle fairs, on-line auction and websites, the world is full of vintage tackle bargains for the smart buyer.

Let’s face it, the last business suit you bought has just lost all of its value the day you walk out of the store. These don’t, and only increase in value if bought well to start with.




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