Farlow’s The Live Wire Reel c1927

Farlow was not shy with innovative ideas when developing new or improving current tackle.

The Patent Live Wire reel was launched when Hardy’s well established Silex reel was all catching and all-conquering.

It was a tall order and never quite succeeded in volume sales.

Catalogued in 1927 as a “general purpose salmon spinning, fly fishing or trolling or Mahseer or Dorado, etc. reel” sort of covers it all really!

Made in 4-1/2” diameter only, it’s a robust reel to withstand the heavier lines and larger fish. Ball bearings were optional when ordering the reel which is strange considering the job it has to do.

The novel feature of the reel is the sprung sensitive backplate allowing perfect control of the reel in any position.

The whole of the backplate is effectively the brake reducing the chance of line fouling the controls.

The reel is a good find for any collector and commands a reasonable £300-500 price tag for its rarity, condition dependant of course.

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