This week we accepted delivery of several huge boxes from Denmark. 

Our international advertising attracts many customers from all over the globe and this one is particularly special.

We purchased approximately 200 reels and rods including some stunning Abu reels. A mix of 150 reels and 50 rods make up the collection. As well as many mint condition spinning reels by Hardy, Mitchell, and Abu, there are about 100 Ambassadeur multiplier reels of all colours and models.

It’s the Abu content we are focused on here. The four in the image are worth investigating based on rarity alone.

Most collectors will recognise the Abu Cardinal 33 CDL. A 24-carat gold plated spinning reel. These were supplied new in a factory custom wooden box with a brass plaque to engrave your name. A similar Ambassadeur 5000 CDL in black and gold plate is boxed with a spare spool, both rare and desirable.

The other two sparked my interest. A cobalt blue and gold plate reel with the Swedish flag to the backplate. The thumb bar release, level wind, and star drag are standard. The only text on the reel is Abu Garcia Ambassadeur, Made in Sweden but with no reel model code, although it is 5000 size in proportion. Foot stamp 1600 16-20, it comes mounted on a factory oak mount and the Ambassadeur crest to the front.

Abu Ambassadeur and Cardinal reels

 Finally, my favourite by far is the Ambassadeur Akvavit reel in pearl and gold plate finish. A limited-edition set, this is number 152 of only 250 worldwide. Each reel was supplied with four glasses, the footplate engraved with Ambassadeur and the Orrefors Sweden logo. They have been producing high-quality and bespoke glass products since 1898 from their glassworks in Småland, Sweden with a dedicated and skilled family workforce.


Akvavit is part of the Scandinavian culture. I know this, having a Norwegian mother. In Norway, the drink is taken at room temperature in a small glass and sipped slowly. By contrast Denmark, Sweden and Germany drink it chilled and in one gulp from a shot glass normally followed by a sing-song! The reel was factory-supplied in a foam-lined black card box, sadly not with this one but these are sufficiently rare to attract buyers worldwide.

FYI Abu also produced an Ambassadeur CDL XO Cognac edition, limited to 280 examples with 2 glasses. Suddenly I feel a new collecting theme coming on.