Trout Fishing in Kulu, The Valley of the Gods

Originally published in 1934, this second edition 1941 softback handbook makes interesting reading. 70 pages plus a pull-out map describes the area, the people, accommodation, and facilities for the visiting angler. 

A holiday resort less well known than the Punjab and Kashmir regions, it’s a jewel in the crown. 

The populated parts of the Kulu valley range from 5000-9000 feet above sea level, the air clean and thin.

The main river running down the valley is the Beas tumbling from source to Larji in the south.

Recommended tackle is a well-built 9-10’ cane rod capable of playing heavy fish in a fast-running river. Whippy and heavy rods should be avoided. Reels should be of a light metal and large barrel for fast winding. The models best suited can be easily dismantled for cleaning at the bankside repair and cleaning. Lines and casts are dry fly based, all of which can be obtained from Mr Walter Locke’s fine tackle store (Established 1933) in Lahore.

A great read and stuffed with interesting facts and observations on culture, fish management and tactics.

To finish, a page of poetry and ink drawings to settle your soul.

It’s not worth a lot of money, but it takes you back to the days of the Empire and the importance of travelling anglers to the economy.