Hardy rod new and used prices

An interesting letter popped out of a rod tube this week, dated 5th January 1990, now three decades ago.

The original letter was enquiring about the date of manufacture and model style of a particular rod.

The Hardy reply answers a question we are constantly asked.

Shall I repair, restore or replace my cane rod?

In this instance Mr James L Hardy writes “to replace the rod today would cost approximately £700. But value at auction depending on condition would be about £60

This calculation remains steadfast today.

If you buy a good second hand Hardy cane rod at an average value let’s say £250-300, then the replacement new price will be £2500-3000 which is spot on, approx. 10 times value. 

What does this mean? It demonstrates that the brand new handmade rods are still very expensive in comparison to a fine condition pre-owned Palakona. 

Why wait 3-6 months for a new one when you can lay your hands on one of our excellent value secondhand rods with fast delivery at a fraction of the original price.

Furthermore, once you have bought your £2500-3000 rod and used it a few times, guess what the value is then? Buy wisely and buy with Thomas Turner.