Hardy Perfect 1894 all brass reel in 2-1/2” size.

Where will it all end and how much old tackle is still out there?

A lot, you only have to find it.

I always think of it like the inside of a Dyson, tons of tackle flying about, you only have to reach out at the right time and it’s yours.

We were contacted recently by a gentleman from one of the many nice parts of Scotland. His email reads:

“Hi John

These items were given to me circa 1963 and have been stored carefully out of use since then. The previous owner was the Rev. Walter Simpson, an Episcopalian minister in Aberdeen for many years until he retired around 1960. Walter was a lifelong avid fly fisher and this represents only a portion of all the equipment I recall seeing. I had the impression Walter came from an affluent background”

Our seller was given the opportunity to take any 3 reels he wanted. Without any knowledge of vintage tackle, he chose the 3 which pleased him more for the appearance than anything else.

A 3” unnamed brass reel, a 3-3/4” W. Garden of Aberdeen (near to his home) brass reel and a little Hardy brass model with holes.

After a few minutes chatting, a buy-in price was agreed which I think more than pleased the seller. Two days later a “wee package” appeared containing the reels.

The 1896 all brass Perfect is just lovely. A real “fresh to the market” find and of course dinky in size being only 2-1/2” diameter. The reel is listed for sale here.

I informed the seller of our retail price as well as we’re upfront with nothing to hide.

After payment was sent the same day for the reels we received the following email:

 Dear John,

This is to express my warm appreciation of the whole experience I found dealing with you and T&T.

Your friendly professionalism and prompt responses engendered a level of trust such that I did not, in fact, show the items to any other party for opinion. The whole process of selling to you has been an absolute pleasure and I would be happy to recommend you 100% to anyone. I am more than happy for you to use this note of thanks in whatever beneficial way you choose.”

So there is an abundance of tackle still out there, good people and just the best business to be in.

Call me if you have a bucket of old brass Perfects cluttering your drawers, so to speak!