Abu Record 2100 Sport tournament casting reel

Always popular, with minty examples in high demand, the Record Sweden 2100 Sport reel is a work of art.

Produced 1945-73 and hailed as Abu’s World Champion Tournament casting reel, with many records set and broken by Swedish tournament caster Ake Dalberg.

It was the first reel to be fitted with a centrifugal brake, a manual brake and fine graduated adjustment too.

Record also produced a Record 2100 Tournament model with a dedicated lightweight spool for finer lines and distance casting.

The model illustrated here recently came into stock and is a fine example with its little alloy spares tub too.

Often the sandwich end plates lose their finish but this is about as nice as its gets for a used reel.

Supplied from new in a rectangular box, they later in life appeared in the Mitchell style Abu red and yellow card box with accessories plus a USA Garcia variant came in a blue box, so plenty to keep the collectors busy.

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