The Smith & Wall 3 Part Reel

The Smith & Wall 3 Part Reel

An unusual reel popped onto my desk this week, I’ve seen similar before, but could I remember – NO!

With the help of Andy Crisp, he identified the reel as The Smith & Wall  3 Part Reel. He spotted the fold-over bracket foot assembly, good lad!

The Smith & Wall 3 Part Reel

Basically a copy on the lines of the Hardy Perfect, it has similar features albeit it’s a bit more robustly built, ie. heavy.

This example is a 4” diameter reel, and has the traditional left hand screw to lock the drum and has a strapped tension regulator on the rim.

The Smith & Wall 3 Part Reel

Take a look at the whacky check mechanism, yummy!

Not seen another like it, although again it bears a resemblance to the Hardy 1912 check still much sought after for fishing the big salmon rivers.

Value about the £150-250 mark, unnamed but definitely one to look out for.

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