Iconic match rods of the 1980s and ’90s

In with 3 large collections we safely bought this week is a selection of 1980-90’s classic match rods.

The naughty nineties inflicted many fashion disasters upon us. Not so for the carbon match rods of the same era with many achieving cult status.

The Normark Titan 2000, Drennan Tench & Waggler rods, Daiwa Porky Pig, Shakespeare Boron Mach 2, Daiwa Tom Pickering, Tricast, and many others.

We are developing our coarse fishing match rod market to complement our established game presence. It naturally follows on from the fibreglass rods of the 1950s-70s which are very popular.

Whilst we’re happy to buy single high-quality rods it’s more the collections of high-quality float rods that we are targeting.

If you’re in the position of owning such rods you no longer use, perhaps a collection passed down from a relative, then give us a call on  07548 871985 or drop an email john@thomasturner.com to discuss the items with a view to selling to us.