Following the successful purchase of a 150 reel collection last week, this week we have secured a 300 reel collection.

Spanning over 100 years of reel making from 1840 to the 1960’s, it’s a fabulous varied selection.

Ranging from the smallest named true antique brass collar winch I’ve ever seen to a tiny spike winch. A handful of early brass wide multiplier winches, all including a collar or clamp winch with leather insert, are very collectable and going up in the current market.

The Hardy Silex models are numerous, from an ex-wide Mahseer to a very rare Hidnominium model, only identified from the letter H on the inside and a glorious ring from the bright metal.

Silex variants are many, plus other unusual drum casting reels by makers such as Wallace Watson, J W Young, Albert Smith and more.

Perth style Victorian wood and brass salmon reels are stunning in all sizes, brass and ebonite models from 2” to 4 1/2” and brass reels galore.

Percy Wadham Cowes are rare, Hardy Wallis and Conquest trotting reels with a good collection of Homer and Allcock and J W Young Flick-em variant trotting reels to use or collect.

Check out both the main Thomas Turner listings as well as the TT OUTLET section from our home page to secure another great reel for your collection.