The case for Cooper copy cast fish

We have just bought a good vintage tackle collection from London and it included 6 cases of Cooper style cast fish.

These were produced by hand by a London company, Something Fishy, approx. 20-30 years ago and really do look amazing.

All feature the bowed glass front and side panels, gilt lining and Cooper or Homer style reeds and foliage inside against a blue back drop. The black painted wood cases with 2 metal hanging loops and the taping are all accurate for the case style.

We bought a Barbel, Chub, Rudd, Zander, Perch and Tench.

If you consider a rare cooper Zander might cost thousands of ££, a tench in the high hundreds and Barbel somewhere in between, at our selling price of about £299 or less they offer excellent value for money for any tackle den.

We have a few in our office and they fit right in.

See them for sale in our cased fish section here.








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