The Hardy Decantelle reel was an Anglo-French ploy

This was a Hardy marketing ploy that never really worked. The original French designed and built Decantelle reel had, according to advertising, sold over 11,000 units. When Hardy bought out the rights to produce the reel they will have hoped for the same.

However it didn’t pan out that way, with less than 1,000 being sold by Hardy from 1932-39, with a few trickling out after the war.

Not that 1,000 reels is a bad effort, perhaps it had seen its day by the time Hardy tried a relaunch and maybe the Europeans just liked a European-built reel, who knows!

It’s not that common a reel, and sought after by the Hardy collectors. This one here is a 3 1/2” reel with dark lead frame and bright finish drum, all factory correct with post-war logo, so it’s very near the end of its production run.

It features a ribbed brass foot, working rim tensioner and white brake lever knob. The internal brass brake lever is substantial and operating against a red hard rubber brake disc on the spool.

It’s so simple it works well, but exactly how it fits into the Silex run of reels is difficult to fathom, a bit like an odd uncle!

This may have ultimately rung the bell for its withdrawal from sale.