Hardy Sunbeam 3” alloy dry fly reel 1924-57

This is a long production reel that seems to have gained a strong following over the years. Simply made, well-constructed and virtually bullet proof, it’s a good little trout dry fly reel to fish and collectors love them too.

Production commenced in 1924 with the horseshoe drum latch model changing in 1950-51 to a large drum screw, it dates this reel 1951-57 when production ceased.

Strangely “Duplicated Mk 2” appears stamped on the rear casing of many early reels but the MK 2 check mechanism was never fitted, so another Hardy wobbly thrown in the mix to ponder.

This reel has the factory grey enamel finish, smooth brass foot blade and Bickerdyke line guide fitted for right hand wind from the factory. The line guides are riveted in so changing to left hand wide using the guide is not easy.

Fifty years on, the check is very smooth and positive, no spindle wear, good original finish and fine user or collector example for many decades to come.

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