The Edge Elite Centrepin reel

This Edge Elite reel is an unusual addition to any Centrepin collection. It was made by Robert (Bob) Edge, proprietor of the tackle shop “Kirkgate Anglers “in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. I am told the shop is still run by a family member today.

The backplate is cast alloy and the drum lathe-turned. The text “Edge Elite” is cast in relief into the backplate. Bob’s other interest was in a small engineering business and it’s reasonable to assume the reels came from there.

I’ve seen a few Elites but not many over the years. They are similar to many other Leeds-Sheffield pattern reels. Substantially made, and they spin well. The ventilated drum is fairly light and has the traditional true centrepin boss with an adjustable end float screw. Brass pillar drum spindles make for a shallow core and fast line retrieval, ideal for the bigger rivers. A brass foot with three screws, one top, and two underside secure the footwell. A simple traditional backplate brass on-off button effectively operates the positive check clicker using the time and tested calliper spring check.

We cleaned the spindle and core on this reel and treated it with Garry Mill spindle oil and it runs a dream.

Measuring 4-1/2” diameter and 40mm wide it’s no “little pin.” This reel offers excellent value for money. Retail prices are difficult to pinpoint as few are about. Any Centrepin under £200 these days is a result so keep an eye out for these. Well made, scarce, and very useable today, a great combination for any collector/ user. in stock at the time of writing, click here to buy the reel.