William Bartleet Zephyr reels

It’s a fair bet if I asked you what was the telephonic address of William Bartleet of Redditch c.1910 few would come up with “Penelope-Redditch”.

This lovely Zephyr style wood and alloy Nottingham reel was part of the huge reel and gadget collection we bought last week was, as were a variety of others.

It brought to mind a catalogue I have showing a variety of the Zephyr pattern reels and I thought I should share it. Many makers and retailers were involved with the Zephyr pattern. Slater, Heaton’s, Milward, Allcock’s, Albert Smith, and countless others with the plain or standard Nottingham wood reel.

This catalogue extract page from William Bartleet in 1915 shows a good selection including The Zephyr, Wallis Zephyr, Improved Wallis Zephyr and Sandbank Zephyr. This gives the Nottingham reel collector many models to find and of course fish. Happy collecting!

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