Only the French would wrap a swivel?

Not true, we were all it but they seem to do it so much better.

For the gadget collectors among us you can have as much fun with little bits and bobs as larger expensive items.

This was the princely sum of £0 having been found in the bottom of an old tackle box.

In the bygone days where attention to detail seemed the norm, this vintage French brass box swivel indicates the high cost of fishing accessories. These days we buy swivels in 10’s, 50’s and bulk lots. Tackle is now so cheap, it seems foolish to do anything else.

This vintage French brass box swivel is wrapped in green cellophane with an illustrated advertising paper. The very fact these were sold in pairs would indicate they were special and not a cheap product.

It states “Novelty for Bait Casting, extreme sensible supreme, Le Vrillage , Poids 2 grm, Force de (weight) taking 10-15 kg” which is amazing for a brass open box swivel this size.

The whole package is only 2” long with a little alloy stud or eyelet I assume to attach to your lapel or bag. Sadly I had to unwrap it to see what was inside effectively destroying any value, but makes a good story all the same. 

Good things come in little packages.