The Heath Robinson threadline reel

Now our frequent blogs relating to wacky oddball reels does turn up a steady flow of oddities.

Just take a look at this beauty. It came from the Harrogate area in Yorkshire and was made by someone’s dad after the war, the Second World War to be precise.

This is a proper Heath Robinson affair (not its real title but it fits) using bits of old egg whisk, clock parts, the foot blade from a donor reel and basically whatever was lying about in the kitchen drawer by the look of it.

The amazing thing is it works, it runs smooth albeit a bit metallic with the large clock drive wheel. There are nuts, bolts, screws, some welding, bending, forcing and just managing to make it all fit.

A fabby looking reel, most people who look through my cabinet of oddities (reels) pick this one up first. As to the value, I calculate it at £2.77p based on the raw materials. It is however priceless to me as I was gifted it by a collector pal 20 years ago and won’t ever sell it.

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