Warner of Redditch Perfect Hook Protector

It’s not unusual for such a little piece of angling ephemera to hide a massive story.

The Warner of Redditch little hook paper fold measures a diminutive 2.5” long. It was hiding in the base of a willow creel and is worthy of examination.

The famous Warner fish and cross sword logo is displayed over “J Warner & Sons Perfect Hook Protector.” It’s great, even the card wrap has a title. The contents are three No. 11 hooks to gut held in by a gilt tape band.

Warner was established in 1830 by Richard Warner in Hewell Works, Redditch. The world’s centre of excellence for the hook-making industry in the late 1700-1800s. In 1853, Joseph Warner took over the business and slowly expanded into rods, reels and accessories. He proudly boasted on the little packaging advert “Patentee and Manufacturers of the Perfect Salmon & Needle Fish eyed hooks.” Additionally, he advertised being the “Sole Makers of the Bickerdyke Perfect & Diamond Brand of Fishing rods”. Impressive claims on such a little paper packet. It pays to examine all purchases thoroughly as this would have been easily missed. The commercial value may be low but the information gleaned is priceless!

Competition time: the first to tell us how many employees were at Warner’s in the year 1900 gets the packet for free!