Hardy The Silex revisited

With the original Hardy The Silex reels becoming more expensive and a little fragile too. The Silex of the 1980s is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds.

On a regular basis we are asked for reasonably priced drum style casting reels to fish on a variety of cane rods.

The simplicity of the 80s re-release has many benefits. Simple to operate and well-engineered using modern alloys which are both light and strong.

The exposed rim assists finger braking, quick release drum for service and line changing and a rim mounted check engagement handle for ease of use.

These reels are catalogued as “The Silex excels in spinning or trolling for strong, heavy fish such as salmon or pike.”

The internal check spring and carry plate are substantial and dependable.

A good looking reel any traditional angler will be proud to use on their cane casting rods.

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