Ustonson Maker to His Majesty Temple bar bamboo pole

January 2021 has been a great start to the trading year for buying vintage and classic tackle of all ages and values.

A wide variety came through the door and when I thought I had seen it all I opened the last box of rods.

What initially appeared to be a very ancient bamboo pole turned out to be very exciting. Close examination of the brass butt cap revealed some engraving “Ustonson Maker to His Majesty, Temple Bar, London”, oh dear, pass the tissues!

“His Majesty” being King George 1V 1820-1830.


If we agree that Ustonson reels are very rare, and rods are even rarer, then this pole is a winner despite its simple construction and plain appearance.

The condition is weathered. The tip section is missing approx. 6”, two of the three original wooden ferrule plugs are present but the third is missing. The turned brass eyes are whipped with a coarse cord. However, it’s the butt cap that’s the winner.

ustonson pole

You may say you are just buying an Ustonson butt cap, but that’s no different than when talking about an Ustonson reel, you’re really only buying a side plate.

Listed on our website it lasted approx. 8 minutes and now lurks somewhere in someone’s collection.

Please keep sending us lists of tackle you have for sale. Business has never been brisker and we are constantly looking for collections and high-quality single pieces.