Vintage alloy bait safe

Once again rummaging in the bottom of a tackle box unearths these little curios. These are a matching pair of vintage lightweight alloy bait safe appliances in fine condition. Each tube measures 5 1/2” long with a hinged snap shut lid. The front of the tube has a tiny hole to accept the line and the foot secures onto your rod fitting.

The thought behind them is that when moving locations, rather than unhook the lure or fish bait, you pop it into the little carrier, snap the lid shut and off you go.

No nasty hooks flying about and tangling in the trees or your clothing, and it keeps the bait fresh or safe until required.

There are no maker’s marks other than a price of 7 shillings hand written on the underside of the reel fitting.

Does anyone know the brand of these ingenious accessories?