Allcock’s Three Star boat rod offers 5-star value

Recently we have seen a rise in interest in classic 1960’s or 70’s fibreglass fishing rods.

It’s not only among the game and coarse or carp anglers but the sea fishermen too.

We recently took into stock a 1960’s Allcock’s Three Star hollow Fibatube glass boat rod in as new condition from the 1960’s period.

This rod is 6’ long and has a detachable cork handle and screw sidling reel seat, so the reel can be moved up or down the handle to suit your style.

Thinking aloud, what great value this will be, coupled with perhaps an Allcock’s Commodore stainless steel big game reel from the same era.

The hollow glass rods are not as fragile as carbon and many traditionalists believe the action and feel is better.

Give it a thought, it will give you a chance to get those flares out the wardrobe and grow that moustache you always wanted as well!

This one is for sale here.

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