The Deep-O-Bob float of Chicago, Illinois USA

Well, the boys from the good ole USA are at it again with this beauty.

Try as I may even after a few readings of the instructions, I’m flummoxed. It appears to be some sort of sliding float, depth set, tight line, yet adjustable float bob thing; glad I cleared that one up.

As most anglers like me are probably mystified and intrigued, most of these likely remain as new or unused. This example is in its good original box with papers and is a good find. The float top is the size of a golf ball to give an idea of scale. Made by the E.B.MFG Co. 5120 Lawrence Ave Chicago, USA.

It appears complete in its original 20 feet of 15lb line and weight. A great gadget, and hours of fun trying to explain to your collector mates how it works. In stock at the time of writing, you can buy it HERE.