Hardy The No. 4 Overhead Palakona rod

This is a 5’ two-piece Hardy Palakona split cane spinning rod, hand-built in Alnwick in 1947. Initially I struggled to find any reference to it at all. Then by luck, in a 1951 price list, it appears in the West Country Spinning rod range but sadly with no images. Numbered 0-4 plus a Steel Centre model this No. 4 had a retail cost of £8-19 shillings and sixpence way back then. The price on the ticket tied to the rod is £10-7-10, suggesting it may have hung about the shop for some time prior to being sold.

The handle is similar in form to the Hardy Victor rod. The original pink Hardy hang tag states rod number E 63052. It has a cork handle, lockfast joints, and agate guides all through. It’s a pokey crisp little rod to take multiplier reels, the Hardy Elarex fitting snuggly into its screw sliding winch fitting. The rod is completely original and has probably not seen much use so it’s perfect for a collector, although it would be a shame not to be fished at some point.

This is a super little caster rod for short distance enclosed space overhead casting with lures spinners and plugs. Complete with its post-war original camo bag and three-card hang tags, it’s one of the rarest little Hardy rods I’ve seen in a while.