Milward’s Tiger Traces

Milward's Tiger Trace

Interesting things are cast packets, we should all read more of them!

A pair of Milward’s Tiger Trace packets with contents dropped from a wallet and can’t say I’ve seen too many like this.

A waxed paper envelope with inner black paper wrap, the cast still has its Tiger Trace tag attached.

Tiger Trace tag


The famous Iron Arm trade mark appears to the front cover.

The front is hand written with a letter code, this is Y and referring to the back it gives the strength of the wire, in this case Stout, 30lb and recommended species, Pike.

Strangely the rear cover reads “An average Man with an ordinary Pike rod cannot lift a 9lb weight”,, what?

That got me thinking, how old are Milward’s?

In short, very, they can be traced way back to 1676. A James Milward, a needle-maker on Fish Hill appears to have started it all.

A Symon Milward actually created the company of Henry Milward & Sons, buying Milward’s Needles (Milward’s) in 1730 at the age of 40, in Redditch, Worcestershire

It was Henry who takes credit for the foundation of the company as the company was registered in his name during the first year of his birth.

MIlward's Tiger Trace packet

Colonel Henry Milward, a keen fly angler, propelled the company into mainstream tackle retailing with great emphasis on game fishing tackle.

Their catalogues are a mine of information for not only their own branded merchandise, but also from wholesale makers such as Heatons, Allcocks, and others,

So what’s this cast packet worth? Probably a fiver, under £10 but that doesn’t matter, it got me thinking!

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