Deller & Shuel London Dingley pattern fly reel

This image came in the last few days asking for some background history on the maker.

Deller & Shuel of London, well, we’re stumped on this one.

Eaton & Deller, George Eaton, the Widow Eaton but who is Schuel, If I didn’t know better I would say export model, however the name Shuel is an Anglo Saxon surname, which derives from the Old English given name Siwal, perhaps Sewel, Shotwell or Seawell.

My usual helpers can’t, and were all a bit stuck; the reel is a D1 pattern Dingley 3” alloy dry fly reel.

Have never seen the maker’s name before and I suspect neither have most people.

So, HELP, does anyone have information or another Deller & Shuel reel in their collection? We may be able to expand the information on rarity.

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