The Helical casting reel by AE Rudge of Redditch

We have just bought in this vintage Farlow’s Helical Casting Reel made by the Helical Casting Reel Co, Redditch, a fine English threadline reel.

Had I not turned the reel upside down, I would never have seen the Farlow details stamped to the underside of the casing.

Marked with C Farlow & Co Ltd, London SW1 and Holdfast logo around base of the outer body of the reel, it increases the value considerably against a standard reel.

Lesson number 1, always fully check over what you find.

This reel is fitted with a manual line pick so it doesn’t go wrong.

The wire half bail arms are a nightmare on these reels. Generally they don’t work well, if at all, or snap off completely.

An assortment of finishes is available to the collector and sizes in what we refer to as trout and salmon, or little ‘n’ large to you and me.

This reel comes with the rare celluloid Helical oil bottle with brass spout and screw cap. A great addition to any Helical as is the spare spool or spanner and occasionally a thin screwdriver too.

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