Sportex & Bronson: the collaboration

Historically in the tackle manufacturing world makers get together to do what they do best.

Sportex UK was arguably one of the best fibreglass rod manufacturers of the 60’s and 70’s era. Bronson USA claimed accolades for their spin casting reels at the mid- to budget end of the market.

So here we have a collaboration between two tackle giants.

Sportex made the 7’ two piece hollow glass spinning rod, and Bronson manufactured the No. 63 reel to be an integral part of the assembly.

The brown blade you see in the handle is the push line release and in theory it all works.

Similar in design to the iconic Swedish Abu reels, the internal rotating flier collects and releases the line at the touch of a button.

The cone at the front is the drag adjuster and all appears well, but it’s mainly plastic! Hmmm.

Cost-based I assume, the plastic reels never did really light my candle, very interesting & ingenious, but still plastic as most items were in the 60’s.

However for a ton of fun and costing only £5 from a car boot sale, why would you not have one of these to fish or display?

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