Farlow V Hardy in the Perfect competition

There has historically been a professional rivalry between Farlow and Hardy. Retailing a stone’s throw away from each other in London the competition for product sales must have been at times intense.

I have just been browsing through one of our many Farlow catalogues, the 1840-1940 Centenary Edition.

It struck me that the brand name association with both makers was very important.

If you asked what is the most famous of all Hardy product names, most people would reply “The Perfect.”

Farlow clearly understood the power of this branding and launched a barrage of Perfect goods to compete. The Perfect range of rods for trout and salmon, built in whole cane, greenheart and split cane.

Farlow Perfect Outfits, recommended rod and reel combinations were available too, with Perfect flies and accessories.

The rod range even carried Hardy model equivalents; The Marvel and Marvel Senior, the Brunswick, Test, Itchen and Tavy names all appear in this edition & others.

The competition for famous anglers’ patronage, with Skues, Parry, J W Dunne all recommending the company’s goods before on some occasions jumping ship to the opposition.

The expanding worldwide market share was fiercely contested. As with Hardy, Farlow had outposts worldwide.

In Tasmania they had a permanent tackle display in the Tasmanian Government office’s front window.

Farlow recognised the worldwide expansion of sport fishing stating “Important to anglers overseas, Farlow are pleased to announce that they now have established reliable and efficient agencies in most principle countries overseas.”

Competition is healthy and both companies benefited from their similar approach, catalogues or anglers guides & similar marketing strategy.

Farlow of course being the older of the 2 companies, was established in 1840.

Thomas Turner precedes both companies. Established in 1838 we are the oldest supplier of quality antique, vintage and modern classic collectible fishing tackle in the world.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!