Cowan of Edinburgh 1869 -1898

Cowan of Edinburgh

This is one of a very few of these early Cowan of Edinburgh, Scotland, all brass reels have appeared recently.

This example, a 2-1/4” diameter reel, is the trout version from a range reaching to over 5” for salmon.

The trade mark Shield logo is nice, similar to other Edinburgh makers – Phin and Wilson to name two.

Cowan of Edinburgh

In fact the reels are virtually identical, asking the question who actually made them?

The Edinburgh reels tend to have a recessed orbital grove outside the 2 screw fixing.

Generally they have longer or larger handles than the English versions, and sometimes a loud almost loose sounding check clicker.

Cowan of Edinburgh

The foot blade or reel mounts tends to be longer and more substantial with most Scottish makers, where function was more important than form.

James Cowan appears to have traded for only 30 years, 1868-1898, so this is a true Scottish antique fishing reel.

Well made, beautifully finished and great for any collectors of the little known makers or retailers.

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