The Hardy Simplex Wading Net

One of the firm favourites for wall decoration or classic angling use is the Hardy Simplex Landing Net.

Supplied in two basic varieties; the first and early model being  a short handle version with bamboo handle and alloy pear shaped alloy frame.

The 1923 Hardy Anglers Guide (containing some of the best bedtime reading a tackle collector will find) boasts “A Light, handy and convenient folding net. To bring into play simply throw head over, when it locks and is ready for use”

Love the word craft!

In the 1930s a separate longer shaft model known as the Simplex Wading Net was introduced with a boat hook and weight wading staff end.

The carry sling was an option at 2/6 (2 shillings and 6 pence) in 1950 as was a silk plaited net, a further 4/- shillings making a total cost of 34/- shillings, not a cheap net!

The non-corrosive aluminium frame does what it says on the tin. Should you replace the original knotted waxed net with the modern knotless variety, it makes an excellent quality useful net for the classic angler look.

Good examples can command £100-200.

They form just a small part of the huge array of landing nets, gaffs, tailors and wading staffs produced by Hardy over the last 100 years and often form the base of a standalone collection.  

This example is in stock at the time of writing, here.