Devonshire fishing permit for the River Otter, 1850

These old permits are unique in every way and give a glimpse into our angling past. Often involving nobility or the landed gentry or clergy they are not only interesting but can be valuable too.

This is a rare early River Otter fishing permit from 1850 and it’s only No 6 issue.

Typically the Devonshire Rivers were the haunts of anglers of some notoriety and early fly fishing development.

The permit text reads, “Rev Mortimer, Bishop Exeter has the permission of the Devisees Under the Will of the late Right Honourable Lord Rolle to fish with a rod and line and flies only, during the season 1st March until the 1st August or that part, on the River Otter, above Otterton Wear, all below being reserved” etc.

Hand-signed and certified with a heraldic crest seal in wax, perhaps from a gentleman’s family ring.

The Manor of Otterton was purchased c.1777 by Denis Rolle Esq. and became the property of the Honourable Lord Rolle.

He had a close connection to and was a patron of the local vicarage, perhaps his link to Rev Mortimer stemmed from this.

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