The French flag waving metal float c 1905.

One of the most tactile and rare French floats is this hollow metal version here by Ferax.

The principle is when a fish bites, the line attached to brass lever hinges and a spring rod in the centre of the float pops up. On top is a cloth tricolour French flag making you aware you have a bite.

Patent dates c 1905, this float has a brass plaque riveted to the hollow metal body stamped;

“Ferax, Manfuacture Francaise, Armes et Cycles of Saint Etienne”

Not seen one with such a label before, the float is just a magical piece of fishing history and national pride.

Standing approx. 7” tall it’s a large float possible aimed at pike, zander or similar species.

Value in the hundreds, the ultimate would be a mint boxed example which is very, very rare.