Tom Moran hand built cane rods

Moran, a self-taught craftsman, climbed to the top in the specialist rod-building world.

Malayan born and Lancashire educated he travelled the world in the Merchant Navy.

It was in Lancashire he developed his passion for cane rod building when he read Richard Walkers book “Rod Building for Amateurs.”

Refurbishing some old Hardy split cane rods ignited a career that spanned decades.

The purchase of a milling machine from Malcolm Grey (Greys of Alnwick, himself a rod builder) started his commercial enterprise.

Scotland to Redditch in a business riddled with financial uncertainty, Moran persevered with the “everything handmade” philosophy which eventually paid off. 

The rods we have advertised at the time of writing this blog were bought from Moran in his 3 bed council house in Redditch, which was more of a workshop than home.

Attention to detail was paramount with Moran selling rods worldwide.

His travels to the USA brought work with Thomas and Thomas for 3 years establishing his reputation as one of the finest rod makers of his time. The US style of fast taper and swollen cane butt trout fly rods is very evident in much of Moran’s work.

It’s well known that you could pay over £3,000 for a Moran rod and wait up to 6 months to have it hand built.

In 2010 he joined Hardy by association and custom made cane rods to order for them.

His rod markings were simple, built from the finest raw materials and nothing short of perfection was delivered. 

Sadly he died at only 66, but his legacy lives on in the superb quality rods he built for the traditional anglers the world over.

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