Our recent purchase of over 550 cane fishing rods brought to mind a question I’m constantly asked: “What is the action like?” It’s often difficult to give a definitive subjective answer.

However, browsing through a 1960 Allcock’s Anglers catalogue, I happened upon this page. They clearly felt the need to give a basic explanation relating to rod actions. As many Makers expanded their rod ranges and the angler’s demands became more precise this was an attempt to clarify the situation.

It makes interesting reading for the cane/glass rod angler and many points are still relevant today.

Also, just for interest, I’ve added two pages from the same catalogue featuring some of Allcock’s iconic coarse fishing rods. The Wizard, Super Wizard, Holdwell, and others are as popular now as they were 60+ years ago.

As traditional style angling continues to grow, treat yourself to a classic cane rod and reel combo, it will change your perception that new is always better!